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Case Studies: Stolen Dog Angel

AngelAngel, a German Short-haired Pointer, belonging to Dawn Maw was stolen from under her owners nose at 7.30am on the 06 December 2012 whilst she was putting her other 3 dogs back into the car.

When she called Angel to get in the car there was no sign of her, Dawn presumed she’d gone through the hedge next to the car back into the field to hunt the birds as she usually did.

Dawn walked back into the field calling and whistling for Angel but there was no sign of her, it was totally unlike Angel not to come back on the whistle as she is a highly trained gun-dog. Dawn thought maybe Angel had gone back to the car, as she turned to go back she saw a white transit-type van drive away at speed but because her car was between them she couldn’t see the number plate, although at the time she didn’t think anything of it. As the hunt through a long day continued for Angel it began to become a reality that whoever was in that van now had Angel. Since that day a relentless campaign to try and find Angel has taken place with the help of Angels Army, a group of several thousand people across the UK, Ireland and Europe who have come together on Facebook, Twitter, DogLost and other places to find her. Dawn has appeared in national newspapers and on national TV, including the Alan Titchmarsh Show and Daybreak, to tell her story and spread the word. Tens of thousands of posters have been put up and flyers and business cards with Angels details distributed throughout the UK and Ireland. Posters have been translated into several different languages to cover the UK and also Europe with word being spread through Spain and Holland in particular. In one weekend alone at the British Shooting Show, Dawn and Angels Army handed out in excess of 10,000 flyers and business cards.

Although Angel is a full Champion, having qualifications in the show ring and in the field, first and foremost she is a much loved family pet, never happier than when curled up on the sofa with Dawn and the children. She is brown (liver) and white and has a undocked tails which is distinctive by the fact that the last half of it is white. She is microchipped.

Dawn has not given up and is still offering a substantial reward for Angels return. Although there is the slight chance that a sighting might be made, the main hope now depends on the vets getting scanning. A number of dogs have been reunited after several years missing thanks to vigilant vets We all need to encourage our vets to get scanning and perhaps we can reunite Angel with her owner and other lost dogs.

Please help to find Angel Angel has her own page on Facebook:, on DogLost ( or Dawn can be contacted on 07921 682002.

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