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Case Studies: Stolen Dog Brook

BrookBrook is a well loved chocolate Labrador, stolen from outside his home in Lancaster in April of 2011.

Given as a proposal puppy in March 2007 (with an engagement ring tied to his collar) Brook was a "guest of honour" at his mum and dad's wedding.

Brook has a wonderful life, and him and his dad were inseparable. He spent his days exploring the countryside, walking by the canal and lounging on the sofa.

The owners of Brook were deeply saddened by the theft, and believe that Brook may have been sold on to a new, unsuspecting owner perhaps for breeding purposes.

Brook can be identified by a white fleck between his front legs, he has a "laggy" leg, bright amber eyes and likes to bark. He can also be a little unsociable around other dogs - if you know of anyone who acquired a chocolate Labrador matching brooks description around 2011, then please contact Brook's owners via their website (, or you can contact us. The owners are offering a substantial reward for his safe return. There is also a dedicated youtube video below.

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