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Case Studies: Stolen Dog Fern


Owner Jodie explains…
Fern is a young female Sprocker (Springer x Cocker) Spaniel, and was bought at 12 weeks old as a new addition to our ageing pack. She struck up a very strong bond with our young son Ethan and they soon became inseparable.

On Sunday the 28th of April 2013 at 6:30pm, we were outside our home in Chessington Surrey doing some work in the horses field opposite. All of the dogs were out with us as was normal. Fern was last seen sitting on the driveway next to our collie, 2 minutes later she had vanished, suspecting she has merely wandered up the field we searched, called, and walked the entire farm immediately, but there was no sign of her anywhere.

After an extensive area search, we soon started to consider the fact that she had been taken. From our position in the field, 3/4 of the driveway leading up to the farm was completely concealed. The drive is next to the busy A243 and it is very ordinary for cars to pull in, turn around etc, so there would have been nothing unusual for a vehicle to enter the drive. Fern was only a year old, and very very friendly.

She would have been easily coaxed over and snatched.

We have all be knocked sideways by this happening. Fern has appeared in the local news, the Daily Mail, The Telegraph, her story was told on the Alan Titchmarsh show and numerous radio interviews, posters, twitter and facebook campaigns yet nobody has seen her.

At the time of her disappearance she was wearing a red collar with a blue ID tag attached with my details, and she is microchipped.

Ethan was worst affected. He started to wet the bed, and asked me daily when his Ferny is coming home. He is only young, but he has not forgotten his friend. He sees her face on posters, and on the internet and you can see his little face light up. He just can’t understand why she can't come home. As a mother and an animal lover, I have struggled to come to terms with our loss, in fact I simply cannot. Until we know where she is,and until we have her back with us where she belongs.

I will never recover the loss, nobody will ever mend our hearts and nothing can ever replace our beautiful, special girl Fern.

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