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Case Studies: Stolen Dog Theo

TheoThis is Theo, (5 months old) he was taken on the 5th March 2014, while walking in Pentylands field. Owner Michele explains: “I started to approach the exit near the large house on the corner with the apple trees, when three people walked towards me. They had a collie dog and a black staffy with them. While the two men were chatting to me Theo played with their staffy, me not knowing anything was wrong. The women was then behind me, with her staffy and Theo, I could hear them.

The lads were asking me so many questions; I just thought they were very doggy people, asking me all about Theo. The next minute I looked around to see where Theo was, and Theo, the woman and the staffy had gone. I asked the guys where she went and where my dog was, they said she went home, I was in complete panic mode by now, they said they would look in the other field, but promptly walked out of the gate, while I carried on calling for my baby boy….”

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