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Case Studies: Stolen Dog Zola

Zola"Words cannot express the sense of loss, helplessness and worry that are rushing around my head, every single moment and every day.” - Nadine. Nadine’s account is very moving and shows the human effect of this devastating crime...

Zola was stolen at around 3pm on October 31 2014 outside of Tesco Express on Commercial Road, London. She is an 11 month old Jack Russell puppy, black and white in colour and is micro-chipped. Mainly white with five big black polka dots in her fur and her tail is black with white tip. Zola is quite small for her age due to the fact she might be part Chiwawa or the runt of the litter.

A 5ft 4” dark male was caught on CCTV walking her away from the Commercial Road Tesco store towards Watney Market. He was wearing a red jumper, khaki trousers and a cap which obscured his face on the security cameras. Since the theft several calls have been received saying that Zola has been spotted on her own, so it may be assumed that she has got away from her captor. Sightings have been reported from the Thomas Neale Free House on Watney Market, along Commercial Road and towards Aldgate. One person is said to have tried to catch Zola but the dog was too quick and scared.

How does it feel to be a victim of dog theft? I have been inconsolable since Zola’s disappearance. Words cannot express the sense of loss, helplessness and worry that are rushing around my head, every single moment and every day. I am frantically trying to find Zola again, whilst having to battle with being rational and logical in working out the best possible way. The way the local community have rallied round and gone out of their way to help and organised searches has overwhelmed me and I remain in hope every second that Zola and I will be reunited. Having websites like PetTheftAwareness, and having the opportunity to post this article, again strengthens this feeling of a community who really care about animals and their welfare.Zola on a bus

Any information, however insignificant it may seem, will be received with eternal gratitude. I am especially scared as Zola was born into a horrible breeding environment and I have worked so hard to give her the safe and happy home that she deserves. Posters have been, and are continuing to be, distributed around the Whitechapel, Bethnal Green, Mile End, Shoreditch, Wapping, Shadwell and Aldgate areas. We have contacted local press, businesses and charity workers in the area and offering a large reward for her safe return. Websites including DogLost, DogsTrust, AnimalSearch, DogTheftAction, NationalPetRegister have also been notified. Zola is extremely loved and got to know a lot of people at the Indo bar on Whitechapel Road, and regulars have set up a Facebook page to find her.

Zola’s DogLost profile:

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